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NTUC Income OrangeEye Mobile App

How do you innovate upon existing technologies to design a mobile app that meets the needs of your motor insurance users when they most need it?


Based on the trend of increasing usage of in-car cameras and the insight that Motor Insurance customers tend to panic and feel lost during an accident, the challenge was to design a mobile app that would best serve their needs without reinventing the wheel with existing technologies.


We came up with the idea of turning your everyday mobile phone into a mobile app with video recording that not only records drives, but uses the “Accelerometer” technology to automatically go into “emergency mode” in the event of an accident. Without the need to fumble around for emergency contacts, the Mobile App automatically allows the User to contact NTUC Income Motor Insurance; SMS a loved one or call a pre-designated number.

Videos are also recorded stamped with the speed of travel, in 2 minute or 4 minute loops and saved within the Mobile App to enable easier reporting for claims' purposes.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile App design & development
  • iOS & Android programming
  • Marketing campaign support ​ 


  • Voted App of the Month by T3 Magazine.
  • Gold Award in W3 Awards 2014 (Category: Mobile Apps – Innovative /Experimental)
  • Silver Award in W3 Awards 2014 (Category: Mobile Apps – Maps & Navigation)


  • Mob-Ex Awards 2015: Most Creative App - Bronze 
  • W3 Gold Award 2014: Mobile Apps - Innovation 
  • W3 Silver Award 2014: Mobile Apps – Maps & Navigation 
  • Voted App of the Month by T3 Magazine​

Note: The OrangeEye app has since been decommissioned.

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