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NTUC Enterprise Corporate Website Development

How do you create awareness among Singaporeans of the single largest national social enterprise brand and all the entities under its charge?


NTUC Enterprise is the holding entity and single largest shareholder of all NTUC social enterprises including NTUC Fairprice, NTUC Food Fare, NTUC Link, NTUC Income and NTUC Learning Hub. The client wanted a dedicated website to position NTUC Enterprise as the caretaker entity of these social enterprise brands and to use that as a platform to educate Singaporeans of its mission.


The  website is designed to help the general public understand the different social enterprises that co-exist under the umbrella NTUC brand, what their goals and objectives are. 

We designed different categories for  what a "stories" that carried a significant social impact on Singaporeans. 

Users can choose the category they are interested in reading at one glance. By categorising the stories, the website can also educate Users in which areas NTUC Enterprise can help them out with.

The website was built as a fully responsive website on Wordpress.



  • Website design & revamp
  • Site information architecture
  • Responsive website design
  • Wordpress CMS web build

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