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How do you design a customer experience that helps make organic living an easy, lifetime habit?


Supernature is one of Singapore's largest purveyors of farm fresh, organic, natural produce committed to making healthy living accessible and available to customers in Singapore.

As a pioneer in the clean and organic fresh produce business, how do you design a customer experience that makes organic living an easy, lifetime habit?


SuperNature, under Club 21, is Singapore’s leading retailer of organic and natural products. We were tasked to develop an e-commerce platform specially tailored to selling fresh produce and grocery items.

We started the project doing desk-top competitor research to gather a list of best practices for grocery and fresh produce ecommerce sites around the world.

UX Design:

  • Organizing the website categories so that they intuitively follow the actual store experience where produce and groceries follow broad categories like "Meat", "Dairy", "Fruits & Vegetables" etc.
  • Creating a 3-click to checkout process by making the first level descriptions robust and detailed with item descriptions, weight and prices visible.
  • Creative & Content

As one of the pioneers in the advocacy of organic living, the Client was keen to develop the market.

Hence, we felt it was imperative to make the site an educational one, instead of just being an online shopfront.

We therefore included as much information about how the food was curated as possible. This meant that descriptions for where the food was sourced, the methods of growing and nurturing that went into the process, as well as what the health benefits are were rigorously researched and documented. This would ensure that customers knew what they were buying and comvinced about their choices to continue with them.

To cater to the nature of grocery shopping, we designed a customized e-commerce platform with several industry-first features.


  • Ability for customers to make a single purchase or a standing order of up to 12 weeks
  • Ability for client to easily refund customers for items which are not available (due to nature of organic products)
  • A series of automated up-selling messages to customers to add items to their upcoming order or to renew their standing order.
  • A backend order fulfillment module that is tailored to SuperNature’s operations & logistics and to the complexity introduced by having standing orders.

The site is also integrated with Club 21’s CRM platform to enable members to login, & to earn and redeem points.


  • Website analytics
  • Competitor website comparative analysis
  • Site architecture
  • Visual design
  • Technical development
  • Frontend coding
  • Implementation onto customised PHP ecommerce platform

other case studies.