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Citi Singapore Star Wars Co-branded Campaign

How do you make using a credit card more engaging and fun?


The credit card market is a fiercely competitive one with banks launching a myriad of innovative acquisition and usage campaigns all year round.

So, when out client came to us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to leverage upon the Star Wars Movie Franchise to create some noise and loads of fun to drive card acquisition and usage spends during the year end period, we did not hold back.

With a limited budget and a tight turnaround time, we decided that Facebook and Instagram were the best channels to dive into, with a series of 7 weekly games and contests leading up to the movie's opening weekend.


  • Campaign Ideation
  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual design
  • HTML5 Coding


A series of 7 social media contests, themed as ‘Missions’ were created to engage users.

Given that a commemorative Star Wars mug was the free giveaway, our first mission was a ‘Photo Contest’, to encourage users to take pictures of their coffee containers to trade in for it. What We received a flurry of hilarious entries which kicked off the campaign on the right note.

This was followed by Mission 2 where Users had to ‘Guess the total number of Droids Mugs’ featured in a video. Sounds easy? Not when we made the Game tricky with versions of similar Droids darting around.

To keep the momentum going, the 3rd mission was a test of loyalty, where users had to pick sides and ‘Align the Signs’ in a straight line in order to win freebies.

Next, a ‘Spot K-2SO’ mission was up where users had to align coordinates to find the hidden droids to win even more limited edition merchandise.

And no mission is complete without a space battle. We then introduced the ‘Hunt The X-Wing’ mission where Facebook 360 was used and users had to count the number of X-Wings flying their way.

The final mission – ‘Anagram’ was launched to close the 7 week long campaign. Users had to compile letters that they found in the previous missions to guess the words. The lucky winners took home premium Star Wars merchandise for their efforts.

Overall, it got the Star Wars fans and community pretty excited, especially with the build-up towards the movie premiere and earned the client their acquisition and usage targets.



  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual design
  • Video Animation

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