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How do you tell a story of coffee for the different times of the day?


Bacha Coffee is a premium coffee brand from the makers of TWG.
The brand is widely growing in popularity among coffee connoissuers and the Clients felt it was time to expand their reach beyond a brick and mortar store.

We were therefore tasked to bring Bacha Coffee to life through an e-commerce website that helped make coffee an experience to savour for different times of the day.

One of the key challenges Bacha had was the range of more than 200 types of coffee. It was up to us to find a way to categorise and showcase them in a simple, relevant and meaningful way to customers.


As with most of our website development projects, we started from the ground up. The first question we needed to answer was: Who exactly were the Users we needed to design and build this experience for?

We therefore embarked on research to identify who exactly the core Users of Bacha's coffee were.

UX Discovery

Through a series of online surveys and focus group discovery workshops, we were able to identify 3 main user groups:-

  • The Affluent Coffee Drinker
  • The Coffee Ethusiast
  • The Experience Seeker

and gain a thorough understanding of their needs, motivations and frustrations when purchasing items online.

The sitemap was structured using 3 main design principles of

  • i) Grouping
  • ii) Ease of accessibility
  • iii) Scalability

to enable Users to discover products easily, explore the history and properties of the different coffees to make a purchase easily wholst at the

Throughout every page, we made use of an interaction design technique - ‘Progressive Disclosure’ which helps users maintain their attention while browsing.

We also ensured that the different purchasing options available for Users was intuitively incorporated into the online purchasing journey.


A coffee recommender was created to mimic the experience of finding suitable coffees with Bacha Coffee Master instore.

A comparison tool was also created to allow users to shortlist coffees and compare its properties before purchasing.

A gift set customiser which allows users to create their own hampers with coffees and accessories that suits their needs.


We conceptualised a time-sensitive website that will showcase coffee suitable for the user, depending on the time of day.

We also employed a parallax scrolling effect to allow the users to feel like they are walking into the House of Bacha.


  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • Website analytics
  • Competitor website comparative analysis
  • Site architecture
  • Visual design
  • Technical development
  • Frontend coding

other case studies.